Final Interface is a Launcher and/or a Live Wallpaper featuring animated weather.

You can use Final Interface as either a Launcher, a Live Wallpaper, or both.

The application is primarily free and contains NO ADVERTISEMENTS. The authors hope to continue this ad-free approach in the future.

Final Interface is a comprehensive solution that will unify your screen in a cohesive style. You can assign any applications and selected application groups to several stylish screen buttons.

The current weather conditions will be displayed via a full-screen weather animation. This weather animation is also available on the lock screen.

The application features a full-fledged Launcher that allows for the addition of screens, placement of conventional shortcuts and widgets, customization of the screen grid size, and other parameters.

Almost all application elements (buttons, clock, data, weather animation, information) can be deactivated.

By default, the application comes with several pre-installed backgrounds. As an in-app purchase option, you will be able to install your own backgrounds from any of your images, or combine the elements of the Final Interface with any system wallpaper, including any Live Wallpapers.

The authors express their gratitude to each buyer for the opportunity to continue enhancing development, implementing new ideas, and improving the program.